A day in the life of AtariCat

Note: AtariCat is a small, fluffy, grey tortoiseshell cat with brown, tan, white and black markings.
The Cat Palace is a large red scratching post with a box in the middle and a platform at the top for her to sit on.

What does AtariCat actually do all day? I decided to follow her with my camera and check it out!

Sit on me

A very blurry photo of AtariCat lying on my chest with a paw on my face
The day begins with me, happily sleeping. AtariCat uses this opportunity to wake me up by sitting on my face and demanding pats.


Atari Cat lying on a tiled floor against a wall.
Once I’ve kicked her off the bed, AtariCat find a nice, secluded place — preferably the middle of a walkway — to lounge in.

Sit in a box

AtariCat sitting inside a plastic bag inside a cardboard box.
When she’s had enough of lounging, AtariCat likes to find a box to sit in, preferably one with plastic inside.


AtariCat sitting on a tiled floor, eating from a large white bowl. A small silver bowl filled with cat biscuits is next to her.
All that lounging and sitting in boxes has sure worked up an appetite! Time to eat some delicious chickeny biscuits!

Demand pats

AtariCat sitting on a leg, getting pats.
Don’t sit still for too long: AtariCat will take this as an opportunity to ask for more pats, heaven help you if you refuse.


AtariCat curled up on the top of her Cat Palace, one eye open.
She’s had enough pats now, and probably bitten wherever she demanded them from. Now she takes a break, lounging some more.

Attack inanimate objects

AtariCat batting at a gum nut on the carpet. She is motion blurred.
What can I say, it was looking at her funny.

Glare at Amiga

AtariCat is sitting on her Cat Palace. Amiga (large, short-hair, orange and white tabby cat) is on the floor next to a triangle, grey scratching post. They are looking at each other.
Whether he stole her toy or just wants to walk past, AtariCat will find a way to glare at the other household cat, Amiga.

Demand pats

AtariCat is curled up on her Cat Palace. A white hand with a purple sleeve is visible patting her.
The encounter with Amiga bruised her delicate ego. Now AtariCat requires pats.

Go for a walk

AtariCat is wearing a black harness and lead. She is standing on a brick path, looking through a metal fence over a balcony.
Fresh air, sunshine, what’s not to love? Shell beg to be let out, then promptly roll on the floor and spend an our lying in the same spot.


AtariCat is stretched out on a green and white striped doona.
She’s found a new spot: time to do some heavy-duty lounging!

Hide in a bag

A paper Colorado bag is on a tiled floor. You can see AtariCat’s back end and tail through a hole in the bag.
Of course you can’t see her!

Drink from the bathroom tap

AtariCat is leaning over a white sink with a silver tap.
If you want to brush your teeth or wash your hands, you’ll have to wait. Cats get priority.

Play with paper

AtariCat sitting on a tiled floor, on top of a plastic bag, inside a rip in some butcher paper. She is looking at the camera.
Even more fun when you have plastic bags too!

Demand more pats

A close up on AtariCat’s face, and a finger scratching her.
She’s quite a demanding cat!


AtariCat asleep on the couch, her head on an iPad. There are socks on the couch.
It’s been a very busy day. Now AtariCat gets to relax and have some well-earned sleep.

– Pharaoh Signing Off


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