Welcome To My Frivolous Blog

This here is my frivolous blog. Here there will be no scathing social commentary, no anger at the world, no recounts of my exploits as a disabled pansexual white cis pagan woman.

Just silliness and pictures of my cat. Everyone loves cats, right?

I have called it An Ancient Ball Of String after the advice from a twitter friend, because that’s something that PharaohKitties do, isn’t it? Play with ancient string?

This is my cat. Her name is Atari, but sometimes I refer to her as AtariCat. At home she gets called ‘Tari, Kitten, and You’re A Cat.

She is a grey tortoiseshell, mostly grey with white, tan, brown, dark grey and black markings (splotches). Her fur is long and fluffy, which makes her look cat sized even though she is very small. In this photo she is engaging in her second favourite activity, next to defeating the evil cue-tips; lying on the ground.

Join me and my cat as we discover frivolity! I’ll try to make it fun.

– Pharaoh Signing Off


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